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Estate and Trust Planning

Fortin & Associates encourages estate and trust planning to ensure financial security for your loved ones. Our role is to help you understand the ever changing tax laws that affect facilitating the transfer of assets and minimize the tax liability of your beneficiaries. Having your taxes and estate thoroughly, and strategically planned will ensure that your loved ones don’t have any complications to deal with during a time of loss.

Have you done Proper Estate Planning? Fortin & Associates offers professional, sound advice in estate planning. Visit or call our offices in Lansing, MI to learn how we can tailor a plan to meet your exact needs.

Everyone has an estate plan, whether intentional or by default.  If you think you do not have a plan, because you have not made out a will or trust, you still have a plan.  In this circumstance it is simply one that is dictated by the laws of the state where you reside at your death.  State law provides the rules of distribution that must be followed when a person passes away intestate.  In most cases intestate estates must be probated, which involves a court proceeding, and in many cases state law may require a distribution that you would not want.  It may be a very good idea to avoid this by having a will or a “living trust” that is designed for your particular needs.  In many cases a revocable “living” trust is better than a will.

Estate planning involves a plan that is carefully designed to meet your goals.  It requires a cooperative effort between you, your attorney and other appropriate members of your estate planning team, including your CPA. Fortin & Associates, based right here in Lansing, MI, wants to be your CPA expert in estate and trust planning.

Proper planning of your estate involves anticipating and reducing the estate tax liability wherever possible as well as providing for payment of the tax.  Estate planning is also about people and their desire to provide for their loved ones.  Estate creation, income replacement, and the orderly transfer of property from one generation to the next continue to be the primary objectives of most estate plans.  There are many things to consider, including the need to provide care for minor children, support for disabled children and elderly parents, and the protection of loved ones from creditors.  Most importantly, are there enough life insurance proceeds, liquid assets and other sources of income to help maintain the current standards of living of your surviving family.

At Fortin & Associates, we are able to help our clients with Estate Planning as well as preparation of Estate and  Trust Tax Returns.  Please contact our office with additional questions and to schedule a consultation at our Lansing, Michigan offices.

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